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  • Best Selling

    Best Selling

    All of EDEM.3DEM's best selling products!

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  • iPhone Cases

    iPhone Cases

    Introducing 3D Printed mobile cases for your iPhone. Customised to your requirement! Styles available for 5s, 6 and 6+!

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  • Mandle


    A mobile stand is a dire need! A customised Mobile stand is a luxury need! Mandle makes your office desk look classy!

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  • Photo Frames

    Photo Frames

    Why spend on a dull & lifeless frame when you can go for a gleeful frame just like you wanted, also with a lovely message or just your name!

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  • Table Tops

    Table Tops

    Bring life into your homes and offices by sporting trendy table tops that is tailor made, and oh yeah! 3D printed!

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  • Dog Collar Tags.

    Dog Collar Tags.

    While it is profound that you more than love your snuggly canine, why not accessorize it with a collar tag that has its name imprinted in 3D?

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  • Dashboard Mount

    Dashboard Mount

    Your car's favorite accessory now comes all customized!

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  • Key Bunch

    Key Bunch

    Key chains are any day a happening accessory to go for, whether it is for you, to gift a loved one or for corporate branding.

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  • Magnets


    We all love to clutter refrigerators with magnets, don’t we? This time, it could be 3D printed and customized!

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  • Cake Tops

    Cake Tops

    Your Wedding Cakes needs the perfect accessory always. With us you can get one with your complete customization!

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  • Cordle


    This 3D Printed wearable is an earphone organizer so they don keep falling off!

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  • Cordle Word

    Cordle Word

    This 3D Printed wearable is an earphone organizer comes with any text of your choice customized!

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  • Pen Stands

    Pen Stands

    Deck your office desk with a beautifully crafted customized Pen Stand just for you!

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  • Plander


    How about a 3D Printed planter with lights and a pen stand!

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