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SCRATCHSTART INC is a rapid prototyping firm based in Bengaluru. The exhilarated journey began in February 2014 when the team started off as a house of Apparels with its own clothing line called EDEM. Soon, EDEM wanted to step into and conquer the blistering trend of 3D printing. In April 2015, the team began its venture into 3D modelling and 3D printing under the brand ScratchStartInc (EDEM.3DEM).

The team is focused on providing customized gifts for its expanding clientele, also involved in making tailor made prototypes for IOT start-ups and other mechanical based firms. With innovation at the crux of inspiration, ScratchStartInc believes in revolutionizing the existing printing and gifting scenario by bringing in the budding industry that is still in its initial stages in India. The firm envisions in making customized 3D printed products as a typical obsession in India in the coming years.

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ScratchStartInc takes immense pride in its team, not for the numbers but for the magic a small number is constantly creating. As a start-up, the firm believes in one mantra – synergy and creativity

Sandesh kick started his career in advertising, social media and content creation. Ever since, he was intrigued by the marvels of creativity and its potential to create something unique. The entrepreneur bug bit him just after 3 jobs in 9 months where creativity roped him in and he wanted to build a brand which would reflect new age thinking. Hence EDEM, an apparel brand and EDEM.3DEM was born. 3D printing gave an added advantage to the ideas in his head to use creativity to its fullest. Passionate about Design and Art, he would love to use 3D printing to make his passion come alive.


Founder and CEO of ScratchStartInc/EDEM/EDEM.3DEM

Sreenath joined SCRATCHSTART INC in April 2015 when the firm was looking for a 3D Designer to develop their new diversification into 3D Printing. Sreenath came in with a lot of experience in the field of 3D Printing and 3D Modelling. The man who literally puts his sweat, blood and tears into making the perfect product. His 3D Modelling skills are top notch and his hand skills in finishing a product (post process) is brilliant and always makes every product look better than just 3D Print.


Head of Product and Design

Want to express your emotions in 3D?